Personal information.  Health records.  Behavioral advertising.  AI.  Big data.  It is clear that information is very valuable…and very risky.  While data breaches become more common place, cybersecurity continues to evolve.  The scrutiny of regulatory bodies and individuals grows exponentially, tolerance for failure to protect personal data and for crossing privacy boundaries drastically diminishes and the sanctions for digressions have been drastically augmented to a level that may be, in certain cases, terminal for the business.

It is therefore critical that businesses keep up with fast-changing laws and regulatory enforcement and take the measures necessary to ensure compliance.

With our outstanding local knowledge, our team has successfully worked on the design and implementation of privacy, data protection and cybersecurity programs including carrying out audit and risk assessments.  We have also developed a series of local, regional and international policies and compliance tools, including implementing internal rules and procedures through training.

Focusing on implementing pragmatic solutions, we have advised on international data transfer strategies as well as drafting and negotiating complex international data transfer agreements and related documentation.  In addition, we have assisted clients with respect to inquiries and claims from individuals and governmental institutions with regard to data, privacy and cybersecurity breaches.

Core areas of our practice include:

  • Audits and data mapping
  • Compliance programs and policies
  • Data subject access and opposition rights
  • Data security, data loss prevention and data breaches

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