Have an issue in the US, UK, Europe or Asia? Through our world-wide networks and international experience, we have the legal and business contacts to provide quick and efficient assistance almost anywhere in the world. From the US to Arfica to Japan, we have helped numerous clients with their challenges. Let us help you.

Global Reach

We have much more to offer than just our local legal knowledge and expertise.  We have managed commercial transactions and litigation from Japan to Kazakhstan to the United States, and many places in between.  

As part of one of the world’s largest and most prestigious legal networks, SCG Legal, we have the ability to help clients in many of the world’s business and financial centers.  We are also active in active in various boutique networks, allowing us in even great reach in smaller jurisdictions.  

Have issues or projects outside of Romania or Moldova?  Let us help you find solutions to your international challenges.  

SCG Legal

A Global Network of Leading Lawfirms

SCG Legal, a worldwide network of 122 independent law firms and over 12,000 attorneys, was founded in 1989.  Members serve clients in major commercial centers and capitals in more than 62 countries, every U.S. state capital city and the District of Columbia. Firms in the network are unified by a culture of premier legal practices and industry leadership; an elevated dedication to client service and responsiveness; a commitment to diversity and inclusion; and a devotion to transparent, innovative and fair billing practices.  

SCG Legal’s network has the global reach, resources and influence to quickly mobilize teams that drive value and assist clients with matters of all sizes.

IR Global

Global Excellence

IR Global is a multi-disciplinary professional services network that provides legal, accountancy, financial advice to companies and individuals around the world.  Our membership consists of the highest quality boutique and mid-sized firms who service the mid-market. Firms which are focused on partner-led, personal service and have extensive cross border experience.

Represented in 155+ jurisdictions, covering over 60+ unique practice areas, we are perfectly placed to offer the highest quality bespoke advice that meets the needs of the most complex client requirements.  Since 2010 our community has grown to over 1000 members worldwide based on the principles of friendship, trust, and a shared belief in going beyond the traditional role of the adviser.


United Legal Network

ULN is an association of commercial lawyers created in 1999 for the specific purpose of enhancing its members’ ability to provide their clients with a practical and professional service capable of responding to the demands of international commerce and cross-border transactions.  The members of ULN understand that the business environment and the challenges facing companies are constantly changing. Whether it is an interpretation of a new EU directive, a contract dispute or even the enforcement of a judgment in another jurisdiction; we are here to assist.

We are here for the small and medium size business. Whatever the problem; whatever the advice sought; we will always endeavour to provide you with a professional service second to none.