Practice Areas

Compliance, ESG & Data Privacy


In this increasingly complex and regulated global business environment, multinational companies and businesses must take great care when balancing business growth and investment with the myriad of applicable legal requirements and rules.  Our goal is to advise clients on how best to mitigate risk and conduct business ethically, without sacrificing profitability or restricting growth.

We provide a wide range of Compliance, ESG and Data Privacy services, including conducting compliance reviews and internal investigations, representing companies and their management in relation to criminal and government investigations, implementing and advising on data protection issues as well as reviewing, developing and training for anti-corruption compliance programs.   We are the only law firm in Romania or Moldova with two partners that are Certified Compliance and Ethics Professionals (CCEP-I). 

We are one of (if not) the leading experts in Romania regarding international sanctions, especially with respect to Russia and conflict areas.  We are also a leading regional practice regarding investigations and assistance in relation to determining the ultimate beneficial owner of various entities.  One recent project involved the review and analysis of over 1,200 companies and other entities (including NGOs, trusts, state owned or controlled entities, partnerships and so on) from almost all jurisdictions worldwide.   

In addition to general compliance matters, we have regularly advised companies and investors on corporate best practices and the “do’s and don’ts” of good corporate governance and behavior.

Data Privacy

Personal information.  Health records.  Behavioral advertising.  AI.  Big data.  Information is very valuable…and very risky.  While data breaches become more common place, cybersecurity continues to evolve.  The scrutiny of regulatory bodies and individuals grows exponentially, tolerance for failure to protect personal data and for crossing privacy boundaries drastically diminishes and the sanctions for digressions have been dramatically augmented to a level that may be, in certain cases, terminal for the business.

It is therefore critical that businesses keep up with fast-changing laws and regulatory enforcement and take the measures necessary to ensure compliance.

With our outstanding local knowledge, our team has successfully worked on the design and implementation of privacy, data protection and cybersecurity programs including carrying out audit and risk assessments.  We have also developed a series of local, regional and international policies and compliance tools, including implementing internal rules and procedures through training.

Focusing on implementing pragmatic solutions, we have advised on international data transfer strategies as well as drafting and negotiating complex international data transfer agreements and related documentation.  In addition, we have assisted clients with respect to inquiries and claims from individuals and governmental institutions with regard to data, privacy and cybersecurity breaches.

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Corporations and businesses are increasingly embracing sustainability and responsible commercial practices while making environmental, social, and governance (ESG) activities, measures and projects a core business priority.  At the same time, governments, regulators, NGOs, investors and financial institutions are increasingly holding businesses and companies accountable for their claims and promises. 

Policies and procedures that were ‘best in class’ yesterday can become out-of-date and problematic tomorrow. 

Using a multidisciplinary approach to our work, our team of regulatory, transactional and litigation lawyers help key stakeholders navigate the rapidly changing reporting and regulatory environment.  We also appreciate and understand that each client’s circumstances and business are distinct and unique, while regulations and practices can differ considerably between industries and countries.

Our goal is to help clients develop and implement their ESG policies and strategies in a tailored and focused manner while ensuring compliance with regulatory and contractual obligations.  Assisting clients to achieve their business objectives, seize opportunities and add long-term value and growth while mitigating and reducing risk, is the foundation of our practice and advice. 

Team Leaders

Charles Vernon

Managing Partner

Maria Nica