Practice Areas

Regulatory & Administrative Solutions

Dawn raids, tax inspections, zoning disputes, environmental violations as well as green certificates litigation, governmental pricing disputes, public bid protests and even employee accidents and on-the-job deaths.  We have dealt with them all (and more) and have the experience and skills to help.

In today’s world, government and business are intersecting in a highly complex manner with a confluence of regulations, governmental decisions, industry practices, changing technology and a growing public awareness and desire for ‘supervision’.  From small local communities to international institutions and entities, regulatory bodies and enforcement agencies are using their powers in progressively expansive ways, often with profound consequences for businesses. 

Ensuring that companies understand their regulatory environment and stay compliant while mitigating risks and remaining competitive is essential.

Our Regulatory and Administrative Law practice provides a proactive, cross-discipline and comprehensive approach to regulatory and compliance matters and disputes.  We help clients develop sophisticated strategies that protect and safeguard their businesses (and reputations) while supporting them in pursuing company goals and objectives. 

We regularly advise on complex, unique and ‘first-time’ litigation and disputes.  From ‘bet the company” litigation to day-to-day regulatory challenges, we work to anticipate problems and find solutions tailored to each client’s specific business and risk profile.  And if accusations of misconduct are made, we have the experience, knowledge and skill to provide any needed assistance, from initial internal investigation to the more formal adversarial government-led investigation. 

We have worked for a variety of industries and businesses, including:

  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Agriculture & EU CAP regulations
  • International Sanctions
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food safety and labeling
  • Data protection & privacy
  • Product liability & product safety
  • Public procurement
  • Real estate and construction
  • Tax disputes and inspections
  • Telecommunications, media and technology
  • Consumer protection

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