Practice Areas

Regulatory Legal Services

Let’s be honest, its not getting easier to stay compliant.  Governments around the world are implementing policies that demand greater financial transparency, while seeking greater tax revenues.  In 2018 alone, the Romanian Government modified the tax laws over 130 times.  Navigating this changing and complex environment requires experience, skill and a deep understanding of the law and its practical impactions.

Our tax litigation team provides skilled and experienced representation to clients at every stage of the tax controversy process, from pre-audit planning to the audit/inspection process and, if necessary, before the courts.  We also represent clients with regard to criminal investigations and indictments.

Unlike accounting firms, our tax litigators can represent clients in all phases of tax disputes and have successfully defended clients in numerous tax disputes.  In collaboration with our associated tax firm, Cromwell Even Global, we can field a team of accounting, tax, bookkeeping and legal specialist to efficiently and effectively design, implement and defend the tax strategies of our clients.

Team Leaders

Daniela David

Senior Partner

Irina Parvulescu

Managing Associate