Summer of ’22 – Activities and Training Program

16 June 2022- International Outdoor Office Day! 

Did you know that 16 June 2022 is International Outdoor Office Day?  Since we care about our wellbeing and we believe that work and life-balance should walk hand in hand together, we encourage our people to work outdoors.

We have a beautiful garden and an outdoor area that is perfect for working. With WIFI, drinks and even the occasional croissant…what more could you wish for?  On 16 June, the lawyers of Vernon | David will be encouraged to use the great garden of our offices for working in a non-conventional environment.

Summer Trainings

For the summer of 2022, Vernon | David is preparing a 6-part training program.  The training will be focused on Vernon | David’s collaborators (paralegals, interns, juniors and any of our associates).  The first two training sessions will address general aspects of the practice of law.  The other 4 sessions will concentrate on specific areas of law.  At the end of the program, the participates should have a strong understanding of the key issues and matters related to lawyers as well as knowledge in the specialized legal subjects.

Curious how things REALLY work?  Then join us!

You want to benefit of these trainings but you want the summer for yourself? Please do not hesitate to apply.  We are happy to welcome you in for our trainings even if you start work in the fall.

8 July 2022 – Communicating efficiently in writing.  Drafting letters and emails like a pro.  

Have you ever spent a few minutes not knowing how to start an email? And how much information you should include?   What form should it take?  Formalities?  Let us walk you through the process of improving your communication.

Presented by Corina Tiganas, a Partner with Vernon | David with over 18 years of experience in drafting legal emails 😊, this 2-hour training will explore and address the key aspects of communication ranging from the “new email” to the “send” moment.  We will discuss clarity, structure, tone, content and much more.

22 July 2022 –Drafting Contracts:  Top 5 Things to Know (that even the experts mess up)

Emails and simple letters will seem like a walk in the park by the time we start talking about drafting and revising a contract.  From “defined terms” to “follow the money”, Charles Vernon, the Managing Partner of Vernon | David will share with you a few thoughts on the matter.  You really want to be in this training!

And to prove it, see the feedback from an ELSA student who participated in one of Charles’s lecture: “The whole activity was great and I learned a lot from this workshop[…]. I really loved the presentation that Mr. Charles Vernon gave us. One thing that I think would have made the experience better: maybe we would have received the ppt that Mr. Vernon was looking at from time to time. I think it would have been easier to follow him that way.”

            Only that this time, we will have the ppt for you! 😊

5 August 2022 – What?  You mean I don’t own my house?  A lesson in Real Estate

Have your friends ever asked you to help them with buying an apartment and you were happy to help until you realized that they were talking “documents” and not “looking” at the apartment? And at that moment you realized that you haven’t even seen a land book excerpt?  If you have been in this situation, we promise you that this 2-hour training presented by Corina Tiganas, Partner and Head of VDA’s Real Estate Practice will tell you all you need to know (or at least be able to pretend that you know 😊) about the basics of real estate transactions.

19 August 2022 – So, you want to buy Dad’s company?  Lessons in Acquisitions and Corporate Law

M&A, LOI, MOU, Closing, Post-Closing, CPs, Due Diligence… Do they sound familiar? Maybe, yes?  Maybe, no?  By the end of this session, you will be familiar with both the language and the meaning of these terms.  We will go through the basics of a typical corporate acquisition.  From “pulling” a trade registry excerpt to closing the deal and popping champaign, we will teach you how this works.  Presented by Charles Vernon, the Managing Partner of VDA.

2 September 2022 – Collective Dismissal?  You mean I am fired?  The Basics of Labor Law

Since the summer is coming to an end and we will all have to put away our flip-flops and get back to work (😭), we will start September with a training on labor law.  From an individual labor agreement to the more complicated collective bargaining agreement, our labor team will address the key issues of the subject matter, including sexual harassment, discrimination and even internal investigations.  We assure you that this training will not only be eye-opening but will also be a lot of fun!

8 September 2022 – Litigation:  the beating heart of law

Have you seen the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard litigation?  All the debates and arguments?  What to know how it all worked?  Sorry, only over a drink (with our own American trained lawyer 😊) after this 2-hour session.  We will focus on the Romanian courts, how they work and key issues to look for in any litigation.  Statement of defenses, calculating a deadline and more will be addressed.  All the things that you learnt in school will now be explained from a practical perspective.  And, because we don’t want this to be too easy, we will also discuss argumentation and how to structure a filling.   We may even talk a little arbitration……

Looking forward to seeing you soon as part of VDA’s team!